Pork home made sausages

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DescriptionPork home made sausages
Pork sausages

Our pork sausage are hand made, home made and made by us in our shops, quality that we shout about! We sell sausages in 1lb quantities and usually 9 sausages to the lb.

We sell flavoured sausages in larger casings with a different variety each week here are some of the flavours we make:
Farmhouse pork sausage - traditional pork with extra thyme and sage
Minted lamb sausage
Black Pudding pork sausage - chunks of black pudding mixed into the pork
Caramelised onion and pork
Pork Garlic & Cracked black pepper
Please email us or give us a call to see what flavours we ha we have this week or to request a particular one.
Custom made sausages to order 

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